Dr. Valerie Braunstein Philadelphia Psychologist

Dr. Braunstein is a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania with over ten years of clinical experience gained in a variety of settings, including schools, outpatient, and partial hospitalization settings. A member in good standing with the American Psychological Association, Dr. Braunstein earned her secondary school diploma from The Baldwin School and went on to achieve the following advanced degrees:

Her education and work experience in the area has allowed her to work with some of the top psychologists in Philadelphia.

Currently, Dr. Braunstein is a psychologist in private practice in Center City Philadelphia and is a staff psychologist at Council for Relationships. She implements evidence-based practices that promote the well-being of the children, adults, and families with whom she works.

Dr. Braunstein has a warm and inviting approach when working with children, adolescents, and their caregivers. She honed her diagnostic skills at the Philadelphia School District, where she administered and interpreted psychoeducational assessments and consulted as part of a treatment team. Dr. Braunstein also gained clinical expertise at Child Guidance Resource Centers by conducting assessments, consulting with teachers, and providing weekly individual and family outpatient therapy sessions to children, adolescents, and their caregivers. While working at Devereux Whitlock, she implemented behavior management techniques and provided emotional support for children with autism spectrum disorders and their families in home and school settings. While working at Children’s Crisis Treatment Center’s Trauma Assistance and Sexual Trauma Treatment Programs, Dr. Braunstein obtained specialized experience and training in working with children and families who have experienced trauma, such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect.

Dr. Braunstein provided specialized individual and group therapy for adults at Joseph J. Peters Institute’s Adult Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization Programs, where she received direct training and co-led groups under James Pedigo, MD, a top psychiatrist in Philadelphia. She also provided therapy to adults with a wide range of diagnoses at The Coping Clinic at Community Council Health Systems.

Dr. Braunstein is passionate about outreach and education. She has led trainings for teachers, clinicians, and staff within a therapeutic preschool setting and has presented at annual conferences.


Dr. Braunstein’s work has been published in a top-tier peer-reviewed journal and was presented at the Northeast Conference for Teachers of Psychology, the annual meeting of the New England Psychological Association, and the annual conference of the Delaware Psychological Association.

Braunstein, V.L., Peniston, N., Perelman, A., & Cassano, M.C. (2013). The inclusion of fathers in investigations of autistic spectrum disorders. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 7(7), 858–865.


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