Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD):

Does your child or adolescent have excessive fear of being scrutinized or judged by others in social or performance situations? Examples include fear of having a conversation, meeting unfamiliar people, being observed eating or drinking, or giving a speech. Does your child or adolescent endure these situations with intense fear, or even completely avoid them? For people with social anxiety disorder, the fear or anxiety causes significant distress or impairment in one or more areas of life (e.g., social, occupational). Unfortunately, 36% of people with SAD report symptoms for 10 or more years before they seek help.

Treatment for social anxiety disorder in Philadelphia:

Dr. Braunstein offers supportive, evidence-based therapy for children and adolescents with social anxiety disorder, tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Contact Dr. Braunstein to schedule an initial visit at her office in Center City Philadelphia. 

Helpful external resources for social anxiety disorder:

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